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New Name: National Academy for Petroleum and Explosives Safety and Testing Station, PESO



Departmental Testing Station of the Petroleum and  Explosives Safety Organisation, has been setup for carrying out necessary statutory tests for administration of Explosives Act, 1884 and Petroleum act,1934 and Rules framed there under. It functions under the overall guidance and control of Chief Controller of Explosives , Nagpur.


Statutory Tests:

Statutory tests for implementation of Explosives Act ,1884 and Petroleum Act 1934 and rules framed there under -

  • Under Rule 6(6), 6(9) and 8(b) of Explosives Rules 2008 for authorization of new explosive compositions, subsequent tests for deciding about deletion or otherwise from list of explosives and testing of packages of explosives respectively.
  • Under Rule 63 (2) and 4 of Petroleum Rule, 2002 for approval of design of safety fittings of tank lorry and containers/barrels of Petroleum respectively.
  • Other statutory test under Gas Cylinder Rules, 1981 and Static and Mobile Pressure Vessel (Unfired) rules, 1981 are to be introduced in future.

Quality Control Tests:

Testing service for quality control in the field of products covered under Acts / Rules ministered by the Department.

Highlights :

  • UN Classification Tests
  • Sound Level Test For Compliance of supreme courts directives
  • Modern instrumentation laboratory
  • Total computerization of functions proposed
  • Standardization of processes, procedures and methodology
  • Information and facilitation center
  • Library and reference cell

Modern Instrumentation :

  • Differential Thermal Analyser (DTA)
  • Thermo Gravimetric Analyser (TGA)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
  • ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • GC Mass Spectrometer
  •  FTIR
  • Microwave Digestor
  • UV-VIS Spectro Photometer
  • Flame Photometer
  • Auto Tirator
  • Brookfield Viscometer
  • Digital Moisture Determinator

UN Classification Tests :

Department of Explosives has developed first time in India , facilities at Departmental Testing Station, Gondkhairy, Nagpur for conducting the UN Classification Tests as per UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods-Manual of Tests and Criteria.

Test Facilities :

  • Thermal Stability Test at 750 C
  • 12 Meter High Drop Test
  • Single Package Test
  • Stack Test
  • External Fire (Bonfire) Test
  • Friction Impact Test
  • Fall Hammer Test
  • Small Scale Burning Test
  • UN Classification Test
  • Deflagration to Detonation Test

Substances / Articles to be tested

  • Detonators (All Types)
  • Explosives (Slurry/Emulsion/PETN/TNT)
  • Cast Boosters
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Explosives Substances not intended for explosives use like Pharma Grade NG
  • Other Dangerous Goods not covered under Explosives Act & Rule

CCE Guidelines:

With a view to streamline the methodology of sample collection, test fee to be charged etc. CCE has issued following guidelines.

Sample Size & Test Fee

Acts / Rules

Statutory Function

  Name of samples

Sample size

Test fees

Accompanying Documents/ Data

Explosives Act    , 1884

Explosives Rules , 2008

Rule 6 ( 6)

Authorization of new formulation of Explosives

Gun Powder

500 gms LD 25 kgs  SD 20 Nos



Product Specifications *


Rule 6 (9)


To decide about deletion or otherwise of explosives from list of authorized explosives

Nitro Based

SD 20 Nos

5,000/-LD (P)




Booster/ Cast booster

10 Nos

7,000/-LD ( C )




Safety Fuse/ Micro Cord

30 Mtrs

9,000/- (S)




Detonating fuse

100 Mtrs





- Ordinary Detonators

50 Nos





- Electric Detonators

100 Nos





- Delay Detonators

100 Nos

7 ,000/-




- Nonel

30 Nos





-Cord Relay

30 Nos.











Shell/Combination/Display items

5 Nos





All fireworks item for full test

each types





All fireworks items (only sound producing for sound level test )

10 Noseach types






10 Noseach types


Two copies of CCE approved drawing for new approval

Rule 8 (b)

Approval of new
/in use package of explosives

Transport packages of all type of explosives

7 Nos  each types


Two copies of CCE approved drawing for new approval


  • In case of samples of Large diameter preferably 83 mm dia., samples may be drawn instead of 125/200mm dia. Cartridge.
  • Test fee mentioned in column 5 is in respect of Package of selected tests presently being carried out as per CCE ‘s directives.
  • Test fee in respect of Fireworks items is under finalization.
  • DD Should be in favour of C.C.E, Nagpur & forwarded to Departmental Testing station

Product specifications-

Sr. no Explosives Class Required product Specifications
1. Slurry / Emulsion 2

1)  Markings
2) Column / Prime charge
3) Dimension- Length, Dia, etc
4)  Velocity of Detonation,
5)  Density,
6)  Cap sensitive / Non-Cap Sensitive

2. Detonating fuse 6 (2) 1) Markings
2) Velocity of Detonation,
3) Core load,
4) Average dia
5) Colour
6) Breaking Load etc.
3.  i) Detonator OD   1) Marking
2) Physical Dimensions,
3) Strength by Lead Plate
 ii) ED & DD 6 (3) 1)  Marking
2)  Physical Dimensions (Nature of shell, Length & diameter of shell, Length of Lead wires),
3)  Strength by Lead Plate
4)  Water Resistance Pressure & Time,
5)  Electric Resistance with allowable variations ( Fuse head & lead wire),
6)  No fire current test with time period,
7)  Minimum serious fire current tests,
8)  Delay time with allowable variations (for Delay detonator).
4. Nonel 6 (3) 1) Marking
2) Physical Dimensions
3) Colour
4) Length
5) Dia and
6) VOD of Nonel  Shock Tube

Samples of Sound Producing Fireworks :

With a view to ensure strict compliance of statutory provisions regarding limiting decibel level of all sound producing fireworks as stipulated and set vide additional conditions of licenses and in compliance of directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court regarding the same, samples of sound producing fireworks are drawn during pre-diwali season from licensed shop / store houses by the department for the purpose of verification of sound level by testing at Departmental Testing Station.

Some of the important guidelines issued by CCE in this regard are as follows :

  • Samples of only sound producing fireworks should be collected from licensed shops. Sample of non-sound producing items like Sparklers, Chakkars, Flower pot etc. need not be collected as the purpose is to test for verification of sound level.
  • No test fee is to be charged in respect of such samples collected from licensed shops, during pre-dewali season as it is for the purpose of cross-checking compliance of adherence to the sound limit, in the interest of public safety.
  • In no case samples should be forwarded through courier or postal/ parcel service.