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PESO had conceived the project on “Establishment of Fireworks Research & Development Centre (FRDC)" at Sivakasi, being the hub of Fireworks manufacturing activities; catering to 90% of demand of fireworks of entire Country.

Vision :

FRDC strives for achieving excellence to fulfill the needs of Indian fireworks Industry in safe manufacturing and handling of Fireworks and thereby ensuring development of environment friendly and quality products by mechanization, through deployment of technology and training of human resources.


FRDC has been designed to address the following   requirements of the Indian Fire Works Industry. 

  • Development of environment friendly fireworks
  • Mechanization of hazardous manufacturing processes
  • Development and standardization of products
  • Safety of the personnel involved
  • Study of nature of chemical composition and contrivance
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Market share of the industry in the international arena
  • Technical Resource Development
  • Human Resource Development.
  • Testing of Raw materials.

FRDC Infrastructure:

Under 10th & 11th Five-Year Plans;  FRDC and related infrastructure have been created at an expenditure of Rs. 4.33 crores, over 5 acres of land. FRDC is equipped with excellent infrastructure with dedicated Physical, Chemical, Pyro & Instrumentation Laboratories and a Library. Modern Thermo Analytical Equipments, Various Spectrophotometers and Sound Level Meters are provided.