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Oxygen related information in the wake of Covid-19

Circulars / OMs Directory / Approved Lists SOPs Miscellaneous
  1. Covid exemptions (March-2020)
  2. Oxygen Vessel installation- For all Circle Heads and stakeholders
  3. Urgent Attention: All Medical Oxygen Fillers
  4. Monitoring mechanism for Medical Oxygen supply
  5. Attention: All Nodal Officers of PESO, Oxygen Cylinder Manufacturers, Oxygen Manufacturers and all stakeholders (06-Apr-2020)
  6. Granting permission to manufacturers of Industrial Oxygen to manufacture Medical Oxygen (07-Apr-2020)
  7. Relaxation with respect to Explosives during COVID-19 outbreak (09-Apr-2020)
  8. Monitoring Inventory of Oxygen (18-Apr-2020)
  9. CIRCULAR- Monitoring the inventory of liquid Oxygen / medical Oxygen (18-Apr-2020)
  10. Immediate Conversion of Industrial Oxygen Cylinders for Medical Use
  11. Attn:AIIGMA - Representation for compensation of losses to Oxygen Manufacturers (27-Apr-2020)
  12. Arogya Setu Circular (30-Apr-2020)
  13. Change in Service of the Cryogenic gas to be transported (29-Mar-2021)
  14. Relaxation of Rules to ease the availability of Medical Oxygen (Second wave of Covid-19) (26-Apr-2021)
  15. Attn: All Form LS-2 Licensees- Conversion of liquid Nitrogen / Argon tankers for liquid Oxygen (28-Apr-2021)
  16. Relaxations under GCR, 2016 to fast-track approvals for imported cylinders and pressure vessels for storage and transportation of medical oxygen (15-May-2021 Press Release).
  17. The Circular No. G.40(Misc)R.Min/C.VIII(3)Cir/GCR dated 19.05.2021 has already been withdrawn. The same shall be considered null & void. 
  18. Testing of empty and filled Gas Cylinders arrived in India from foreign countries (27-May-2021)
  19. Import of used/refurbished empty gas cylinder from foreign countries for Covid management/trading (28-May-2021)
  20. Corrigendum: Import of used/refurbished empty gas cylinders from foreign countries (4-Jun-2021)
  1. State wise cylinder filling units 
  2. List of approved Foreign Manufacturers of Oxygen Cylinders (11-May-2021)
  3. List of approved Indian Manufacturers of Oxygen Cylinders (07-May-2021)
  4. List of Competent Persons
  5. Fabricators for Cryogenic Pressure Vessels (14-May-2021)
  6. Gas Cylinder Rules, 2016- Form E&F (Fill Cum Storage) Licenses Having Gas Name Oxygen, Medical Oxygen, Liquid Oxygen 
  1. SOP for conversion of Industrial Cylinders to Medical Oxygen Cylinders (22-Apr-2020)
  2. SOP for Conversion of used LNG tankers for Oxygen Service (REVISED) (04-May-2021)
  1. Revised EoI cum Bid invitation for procurement of Medical Oxygen Cylinders on urgent basis (21-Apr-2020)
  2. Approval of ISO Tank Container for Liquid Oxygen (for one-year only)
  3. EoI cum Bid invitation on Email FOR PROCUREMENT OF MEDICAL OXYGEN CYLINDER on immediate basis (11-Apr-2021)
  4. To  obtain Permission for Import & Transport of Compressed Gas in ISO Tank Container (12-May-2021)
  5. Procedure for Import of Gas Cylinders (13-May-2021)