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Explosives Licensing System for District Authorities

PetroSafe 2016

PetroSafe 2016
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Circular for All Ammonium Nitrate Manufacturer/Converters

Circular for Security of Vehicle carrying Explosives

Notice for New Comptent Persons - 1

Notice for Comptent Persons - 2

PESO wins CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Award of Appreciation for Sustenance for 2011-12.

Letter to all Competent Persons under Petroleum Rules 

Letter to all Competent Persons under SMPV(U) Rules

Ammonium Nitrate Rules - 2012 - English Version

Ammonium Nitrate Rules - 2012 - Hindi Version

CCE`s Circular for Online Indent, Pass for Sale, Pass for Use and Quarterly Returns dated 24/02/2013

Vacancy:- Forty Two Deputy Controller of Explosives in PESO

Minutes of the meeting on “Review of the SMPV (Unfired) Rules, 1981 and the GCR Rules, 2004”

Petroleum (Amendment) Rules 2011 Published

Use of cryogenic cylinders for filling and storage of liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon etc.

Periodic testing of Carbon Dioxide storage and transport vessel under SMPV(U) Rules 1981

Online Generation of Form RE-12 [Transport of Explosives] through the PESOs Online Quarterly Returns Software by LE-3 license holders - CCE Circular dated 30/06/2011

Amendment of Explosives Rules 2008 (Colour matches)

Amendment of Gas Cylinder Rules 2004 (Hydrogen/Methane)

Eco- Products International Fair- (EPIF)

Form of advance intimation to police by

All Explosives Dealers & Users - All Licenensees