Forms & Certificates Under SMPV Rules

Application Form I (See Rules 49, 54 and 55) [Application of the grant or amendmenor renewal or a licence to store compressed gas in vessel or vessels.]
Application Form II 

(See Rules 49 and 54)Application for the grant or amendment of a licence to transport compressed gas in a vehicle

Licence Form III (See Rules 49 and 50) [Licence to store Compressed Gas in Pressure Vessel Or Vessels]
Licence Form IV (See rules 49 and 50) [ License to Transport Compressed Gas in a   Pressure Vessel by a Vehicle]
Appendix I [ See Rule 4(2) ]
Appendix III  A [ See rule 2(p) and 11A ]  [ Application of recognition as competent person under the static and mobile pressure vessels (unfired) Rules, 1981.]
Appendix III  B [ See rule 2(p) and 11A ] [Application for recognition as an inspector coming under the purview of static and mobile pressure vessels(unfired) Rules, 1981.]
Appendix III  C [ See rule 2(p) and 11A ]  [Application for Grant of certificate of competency to a person for certifying storage installations or transport vehicles owned and operated by the organisation in which he is employed.]

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