(See rules 143, 148, 149 and 157)

Application for the grant/amendment/renewal/transfer of a licence to import and store petroleum


          Documents listed overleaf must be enclosed with this application, if it is for the grant of a licence in Forms XII, XIII, XIV or in Special From

                                                                                                  The replies to be given in this column

  1. Applicant's name :                                                               ________________________
    Applicant's calling :                                                              ________________________
    Applicant's full postal address :                                             ________________________
  2. Situation of the premises where Petroleum is to be stored :
    State :                                                                                ________________________
    District :                                                                             ________________________
    Town :                                                                               _________________________
    Police station :                                                                   _________________________
    Nearest Railway Station :                                                    _________________________
  3. Quantity (in litres) of petroleum proposed to be imported and stored :
    1. Petroleum Class A
    2. (a) In bulk           ____________
      (b) Not in bulk     ____________
      (c) Total              ____________

    3. Petroleum Class B
    4. (a) In bulk           ____________
      (b) Not in bulk     ____________
      (c) Total              ____________

    5. Petroleum Class C

(a) In bulk           ____________
(b) Not in bulk     ____________
(c) Total              ____________

Total of all classes of petroleum :                      ____________

  1. Quantity in litres of petroleum already stored in the premises :
    1. Petroleum Class A

      (a) In bulk          ____________
      (b) Not in bulk    ____________
      (c) Total            ____________

    2. Petroleum Class B
    3. (a) In bulk           ____________
      (b) Not in bulk     ____________
      (c) Total              ____________

    4. Petroleum Class C

(a) In bulk             ____________
(b) Not in bulk       ____________
(c) Total                ____________

Total of all classes already stored:                      ____________

  1. Number of licence held for the premises and the full name of the holder of the licence.

          I hereby declare that the statements made above have been checked up by me andare true and 1 undertake to abide by the terms and conditions of the licence, which will be granted to me.

Date of application _______                                                                               ___________________________________
                                                                                                                      Signature and designation of the applicant.

  1. Where the application is made on behalf of a company, the name and address of the company and the name of the manager or agent should be given and the application should be signed by him. Every change in the name of the manager or agent shall beforthwith intimated to, and his specimen signature filed with, the licensing authority.
  2. "In bulk" means in tanks or receptacles exceeding 1,000 litres in capacity "Not in bulk" means in approved containers not exceeding-1,000 litres in capacity.

     Documents required to be submitted with this application Form A-Licence in Forms XII, XIII, XIV or in special Forms

  1. For copies of specifications and plans approved under sub-rule (5) of rule 131 or sub-rule (3) of rule 148, as the case may be.(Not required for renewal and transfer or a licence without Amendment)
  2. Licence together with approved plans and specifications attached thereto.(Not required for the first grant of a licence)
  3. "No objection Certificate" from the District Authority.(Not required for renewal, transfer and Amendment of a licence without any change in the site of the licensed premises)
  4. Requisite amount of fees for the grant, amendment or transfer of a licence paid in the manner specified in rule13.
  5. A certificate of tank testing if required under rule 12.
  6. A certificate of safety if required under rule 130.